Personalized Plates


Personalize your North Carolina license plate with a custom message that reflects your personality, interests, or sense of style. Create a unique plate that stands out on the road and showcases your individuality.

Guidelines and Restrictions

Before personalizing your license plate, familiarize yourself with the guidelines and restrictions set by North Carolina. Learn about the character limits, allowed symbols, and any prohibited content. Ensure that your desired message complies with the regulations to obtain your personalized plate.

Obtaining a Personalized Plate

Learn the process of obtaining a personalized license plate in North Carolina. Find out the required documentation, fees, and application procedures. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create your custom plate and make a statement on the road.

Renewing and Transferring

Already have a personalized plate? Discover how to renew your personalized license plate in North Carolina to keep your custom message. Additionally, learn about the process of transferring your personalized plate to a different vehicle or to another person.

Tips and Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your personalized license plate? Get creative with our tips and ideas. Find suggestions on how to showcase your name, display a hobby or interest, or make a memorable statement on your personalized plate.