Specialty Plates


North Carolina offers a wide array of specialty license plates that allow vehicle owners to express their interests, support causes, or honor specific groups. Explore the variety of specialty plates available and discover the options that align with your passions and affiliations.

Military Plates

Military license plates provide an opportunity to show support for veterans and active-duty military personnel. Learn about the different military plates available in North Carolina, including branches of the military and specific campaigns or honors. Find out about eligibility requirements, design options, and the application process for military plates.

Disabled Plates

Disabled license plates serve as a symbol of support for individuals with disabilities. Discover the disabled plates available in North Carolina and the eligibility criteria for obtaining one. Learn about the special design features and parking privileges associated with disabled plates. Find out how to apply for a disabled license plate.

Organizational Plates

Organizational license plates allow you to showcase your affiliation with a specific group or organization. Explore the variety of organizational plates available in North Carolina, such as colleges, universities, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations. Find out about the eligibility requirements, design options, and how to apply for an organizational plate.

Other Specialty Plates

In addition to military, disabled, and organizational plates, North Carolina offers a range of other specialty plates. These plates cater to various interests, causes, and hobbies. Discover the options available and learn about the eligibility criteria, design choices, and application process for other specialty plates in North Carolina.