License Plate Tips

Helpful Tips for License Plates in North Carolina

Discover useful tips and advice for choosing, maintaining, and properly displaying license plates in North Carolina. These tips will help you stay compliant with regulations and ensure your license plates are in optimal condition.

Choose the Right License Plate Design

When selecting a license plate design, consider your personal preferences and any specific requirements or options available. Choose a design that reflects your style while adhering to the guidelines set by the state of North Carolina.

Maintain Your License Plates

Proper maintenance is essential to keep your license plates in good condition. Regularly clean and inspect your plates to remove dirt, debris, and any damage. This ensures that your plates remain legible and comply with the state's display requirements.

Properly Display Your License Plates

Correctly displaying your license plates is crucial to avoid any violations. Follow the guidelines provided by North Carolina for plate placement, orientation, and visibility. This includes securely attaching your plates to your vehicle and ensuring they are clearly visible to law enforcement and other drivers.

Replace Damaged or Illegible Plates

If your license plates become damaged or illegible due to wear and tear or an accident, it's important to replace them promptly. Obtain new plates from the appropriate authorities and ensure they meet the required standards for readability and compliance.