License Plate Glossary

Expand Your License Plate Vocabulary

Enhance your understanding of license plates in North Carolina with our comprehensive glossary. This glossary provides definitions for common terms, acronyms, and concepts related to license plates, helping you navigate discussions and conversations about license plate topics.

License Plate

A license plate is a vehicle registration plate displayed on motor vehicles to identify them and comply with legal requirements. It typically consists of alphanumeric characters, symbols, and the state's name or logo.


Registration refers to the process of officially documenting a vehicle with the appropriate authorities. It involves providing necessary information, paying fees, and receiving license plates and registration documents for legal operation of the vehicle on public roads.

Specialty Plate

A specialty plate is a license plate that represents a specific cause, interest, or organization. These plates often feature unique designs or logos and are available to individuals who meet certain eligibility criteria or make a donation.


Renewal refers to the process of extending or updating the validity of a license plate or vehicle registration. It typically involves paying renewal fees, providing necessary documentation, and ensuring compliance with any relevant requirements.