Standard Plates


Standard license plates in North Carolina have specific requirements that vehicle owners must meet. Learn about the eligibility criteria, documentation needed, and any additional requirements for obtaining a standard license plate. Ensure that your vehicle meets the necessary conditions for standard plate issuance.

Design Features

Discover the design features of standard license plates in North Carolina. Find out about the elements, such as the state name, plate number, and registration stickers, that make up a standard plate. Learn about any special symbols, emblems, or additional identifiers that may be present on standard plates.

Obtaining and Renewing

Need to obtain a new standard license plate or renew an existing one? We'll guide you through the process. Learn the step-by-step procedures for obtaining and renewing standard plates in North Carolina. Find out about the required documents, fees, and any specific instructions for the application or renewal process.

Replacing Standard Plates

Accidents, theft, or damage can require the replacement of your standard license plates. Learn what steps you need to take to replace a standard plate in North Carolina. Find out about the documentation required, fees involved, and the procedure for obtaining new plates to replace your damaged or lost ones.

Proper Plate Display

Properly displaying your standard license plate is essential to comply with North Carolina regulations. Understand the guidelines for plate placement, mounting, and visibility. Learn about any restrictions or specific requirements for plate display on different types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers.