License Plate Options

Explore the Variety of License Plates in North Carolina

North Carolina offers a wide range of license plate options to suit your style and interests. Discover the different designs, including personalized and specialty plates, and find the perfect license plate that represents you.

Standard License Plates

Standard license plates in North Carolina are the default plates issued for vehicles. They feature a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned by the state. Learn about the requirements, design, and features of standard license plates, including instructions on obtaining, renewing, and replacing them.

Specialty License Plates

Specialty license plates allow you to showcase your interests, support a cause, or honor a specific group or organization. North Carolina offers a variety of specialty plates, including military, disabled, and organizational plates. Explore the available options, learn about the eligibility requirements, and find out how to apply for a specialty plate.

Personalized License Plates

Personalized license plates allow you to customize your plate with a unique combination of letters and numbers. Express yourself and make your vehicle stand out with a personalized plate. Discover the guidelines, restrictions, and process for obtaining a personalized license plate in North Carolina.

Renewing and Customizing Your License Plate

Once you have your license plate, it's important to know how to renew it and keep it up to date. Learn about the license plate renewal process, including the renewal period and methods available. Additionally, explore options for customizing your license plate, such as adding a specialty design or symbol to personalize it further.